Graphic Design

I have various samples of graphic design work. The following is an invitation to a wedding that was contained on a postcard:

Mobile Native App Research

I worked on a personal project where I did research into the creation of cross-platform mobile apps. I focused on making games and ended up creating a small working prototype for the classic game, "Asteroid". I also did a presentation on the project:

2015 Portfolio

My previous portfolio had darkly themed hero images at the top of each section, which would move as one scrolls down the page. This was contrasted with lightly-colored content sections to showcase work. There were subtle animations throughout, which would hint at the functionality of buttons or other clickable images.


Desktop / Tablet

2009 Portfolio

I used to have more of a background in 3d animation in addition to other sorts of interactive content production. This site was created in Flash's actionscript, which has since become fairly defunct. I had this site still running in my 2015 portfolio, but had to jump through a few hoops with my browser to even get it to render at all. The site has a smaller resolution, given the time that it was built. Still, it has a pretty nice use of space and has lots of creative elements to it.